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Since all of the rides listed here are within the State of Florida, you need to pack enough essentials for staying a few nights away from your vacation base, if you have a base. If not, and you are planning on touring the state, staying over in a different location each night, consider packing extra clothing or stay over where laundry facilities are available. To find where to stay click here.


·         Sunscreen – the sun can be so intense in Florida that you must use a product with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF). I also ride wearing a long-sleeve white dress shirt to stay cool and unburned on hot, sunny days.

·         Mosquito Repellant

·         Flat tire inflator – I once stopped for lunch in the Florida Keys on my way to Key West. When I went back to the bike I found my rear tire to be flat as a beaver’s tail. I pushed the bike next door to the gas station to pump it up but it wouldn’t hold air due to a puncture. Fortunately a nearby hardware store sold me a flat inflator and I was able to ride 40 miles to a bike shop for repair.

·         Tool kit – nothing elaborate just basic items including an adjustable wrench, pliers, vise grips, multi-bit screwdriver, pocket knife, allen keys, and zip ties.

·         Spare keys – if you’ve ever lost your keys you can appreciate how great it would be to have an extra set.

·         Bike lock – for security, you never know.

·         Light bulbs and fuses – most of your riding takes place away from bike shops.

·         Bungee cords – for on the road acquisitions. Shopping is big in Florida. A major portion of the state’s economy comes from tourists.

·         Maps – such as a compact road atlas and a list of directions printed and taped onto the dash or fuel tank.

·         Rain gear – popup cloud bursts are usually short-lived but are normal in the Sunshine State.

·         Water – bottled water to stay hydrated.

·         Phone and Charger – in case of emergency or to stay in contact with the folks back home.

·         First Aid Kit – for minor mishaps.

·         Flashlight

·         Extra jeans and T shirts, underwear, socks – I have found that rolling up shirts and trousers instead of folding seems to cut down on wrinkles and take up less space.

·         Beach wear – Florida is famous for its 825 miles of pristine beaches. Sandals, shorts, swim suit and a cap maximize your enjoyment.

·         Shaving kit – for toiletries, which are available in travel size at any drug store.

·         Litter bag – in case you stop for a snack where there is no trash container.

·         Head wear – baseball cap, skull cap, bandana in case you ride without a helmet and don’t want to fry your bean

·         Jacket – you never know when a weak cold front may invade the Sunshine State

This list is not exhaustive but we hope it helps to make your motorcycle rides in Florida pleasant and memorable. Thanks for visiting Motorcycling Florida.

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