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SCENIC RIDES While Florida’s attractions make it a great vacation destination, for us at MotorcycleFlorida.com it’s a starting point for some remarkable motorcycle rides. Understand that the directions we provide are those we have found to be scenic and are not necessarily the fastest or shortest distance between two points. These rides are for cruising and for stopping wherever and whenever you want to experience places you find captivating.

3 HOURS PLUS Our choices for longer rides are those that take 3 hours or more of actual riding, not counting any stops you make along the way. For example, on the Naples to Miami Beach ride you may want to stop in the Everglades and take an airboat tour of the area. There is much to see and do in the State of Florida and our goal is to help you in coming across meaningful encounters.

TAKE IT EASY Plan on taking your time when you’re away from the Interstate Highways and allow yourself to enjoy pristine soft sand beaches and small town sleepy quirkiness that only local roads and highways can offer. Shorter rides afford you the time to stop and experience Florida’s natural beauty as well as the attention-grabbing flare of its eclectic mix of towns and cities.

BEACHES With 825 miles of stunning beaches you don’t need to travel far within the state to get your toes in the sand. Some of the best beaches to be found anywhere line Florida’s coast. From the panhandle to Naples the Gulf of Mexico laps gently at the shore. From Jacksonville to Miami and on to Key West you’ll find soft sand beaches made for relaxation.

HISTORIC STATE Florida’s rich history unfolds before you while you ride leisurely through horse country as you near Ocala on US301 or cruise through citrus groves and past endless fields of sugar cane along US27 on the way to Miami. Take an airboat ride in the Everglades and witness alligators and other species in the wild.

VACATION RENTALS If you are planning on motorcycling in Florida and you want to reach out to different areas of the state, consider vacation homes rentals for staying over. Many rent by the night and some have attached garages which provide security for your bike while not in use. This venue can also work well if you plan to stay in one central location to experience various day rides and return in the evenings. To check locations and reservations click here.

For your convenience we include some points of interest among the ride directions. We hope you stop and enjoy some of them. Thanks for visiting MotorcyclingFlorida.com.

SUNSHINE STATE   Speaking of soaking up there is a reason Florida is nicknamed the “Sunshine State”. Its warm subtropical climate in the north, tropical in the south makes it famous for its pleasant temperatures, abundant sunshine and great scenery. In fact, the weather is so perfect for motorcycle riding year round that State residents never have to store their bikes for the winter, unlike their northern counterparts.

OCEAN EVERYWHERE   Most of the State of Florida sits between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean with a coastline that stretches approximately 1,350 miles (2,170 kilometers), including mile after mile of stunning beaches.

SOFT SAND BEACHES   Florida has 825 miles (1,328 kilometers) of soft sand beaches that beckon one to come and relax on some of the state’s greatest natural attractions. Pack an old bed sheet to lie on, rub on some sunscreen, do one of our Florida beaches rides and feel the gentle ocean breezes washing over you. It’s a perfect way to slow down and unwind, a rest from traffic and the tense business of everyday life.

SOAK UP THE SUN   Meditate. Spend an hour or two in your mind, just you and the sun, the soothing lapping of the waves, and welcoming ocean breezes. Or slip off your sandals and take a stroll along the seashore, dipping your toes into the warm coastal waters.

OTHER ATTRACTIONS   Of course, Florida is well known for its outstanding theme parks. It also hosts major spectator sports such as baseball, football, hockey, basketball and auto racing. Each year in late winter Daytona Beach welcomes an army of bikers who flock to the city for Bike Week. There is no doubt that Florida is biker friendly.

ROOM TO RIDE   The state has an area of 58,560 square miles (151,670 square kilometers) affording plenty of scenic riding. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned rider, whether you motorcycle to Florida, trailer your bike, use motorcycle shipping, or fly and rent just get here. Unpack your leather jacket, strap on your biker boots, saddle up and ride. Find Florida’s motorcycle roads. You won’t be sorry. 

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