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It’s been a long winter and it’s not over yet. You’re sitting at your desk and you take a moment to gaze out the window only to see that it’s snowing again and you just wish it would stop, wish the cold would go away.

For a moment your mind wanders to the times last summer, remembering how you cruised your motorcycle along endless open roads, the sun’s warmth cooled slightly by the wind in your face, the sleeves of your T shirt lightly flapping in the breeze. A thin smile crosses your lips.

Then suddenly the sight of the falling snow jerks you back into the moment, back to the reality of the frozen north and it saddens you to know that your bike has been stored for months as it is every year when the seasons grow harsh. And you know you’ll be shovelling again.

“I just need a break,” you think out loud. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go someplace warm for a week or two? And wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to ride while you are there?

Florida has a warm subtropical climate and you’ve heard there are motorcycle rentals available in the state. You’ve got vacation time available so why not check it out? Click here to find the facts on all the makes and models available for rent. And it will tell you what type of license is required to rent and ride a motorcycle in Florida. And if you need riding gear, check here.

You can take a guided tour if you want to socialize with other riders along the way. They also have self-guided tours or you may just want to ride off on your own and explore the beautiful State of Florida and its nearly 10,000 miles of non-interstate highways and 825 miles of soft sand beaches. Learn what motorcycle gear is required by clicking here and what gear is included with your rental.

Even if you can’t ride your motorcycle to Florida you can still extend your riding season and get a much-needed winter (or anytime) break when you fly and rent. So reserve your rental, pack your gear, grab a flight and get in some riding and beach time. And find a place to stay by clicking here. Thanks for visiting Motorcycling Florida.

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