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CAREER CHANGE I saw Florida for the first time in 1977. I hadn’t planned it that way but I was working as a heavy truck mechanic in Canada where I grew up. This beautiful new truck rolled into my bay, its diesel engine idling sweetly, air brakes hissing.

A well-dressed man climbed down form the cab and I greeted him saying, “Man, I’d sure love to drive a truck like this one.”

“Great,” he said. “My driver just quit and it’s loaded for Jacksonville, Florida. Get in it and go.”

And I did.

Don’t get me wrong, working in the shop was okay but my recently failed marriage was eating away at me and I just needed a diversion.

So I drove that beautiful truck down some new roads – I had never travelled an Interstate highway until then – and I rolled along for 52 days before I got a day off at home and I was fine with that.

The diversion was working.

FLORIDA’S SKINNY ROADS The urgency of transporting farm fresh produce in a refrigerated trailer kept me as busy as I needed to be and it kept me returning to Florida’s skinny roads off the Interstate, loading directly at farms.

Those Florida skinny roads still beckon me to this day but now I enjoy the freedom of motorcycling them.

MY MOTORCYCLE LIFE I bought my first motorcycle in 1981, a used 650 cc Yamaha and rode it several seasons enjoying the backroads of rural Canada.

By late winter of 1994 I happened to buy a raffle ticket on a new motorcycle which happened to be a Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.

I liked the look of it and in the days that followed thought a lot about winning it.

Well I didn’t win it.

So I did the next best thing. I went to the nearest Harley-Davidson dealership and bought a brand new Heritage Softail Classic in 2-tone paint, aqua pearl and silver.

Of course, it was too early to ride in Canada – snowy and cold – so I loaded the new bike onto a trailer and towed it to Florida, spending 2 weeks just riding those skinny roads in the Sunshine State.

My girlfriend and I felt so free exploring Florida on the bike, stopping wherever, enjoying the sights of small town quirkiness, seeing palm trees, unique wildlife, and endless white sand beaches under equally endless sunshine.

By then we were both hooked on venturing out on many of Florida’s nearly 10,000 miles of non-Interstate, highways and State Roads.

MOTORCYCLE WEDDING In 1996 my girlfriend proposed to me. I thought it over for 3 days and finally said yes. Our favorite HD motorcycle shop graciously hosted our wedding at their location on the shore of Lake Erie.

With the bride dressed in white leather and I in black jeans, chaps and a white dress shirt we both said “I do” and rode down an aisle made up of two lines of motorcycles as we went for our ceremonial ride.

We will never forget that day.

BIKE FRIENDLY FLORIDA Over the years we have found Florida to be very bike friendly and not just around bike week.

We did ride to Daytona Beach a couple of times when bike week was on and revelled at its carnival-like atmosphere, so many bikes and so many people having such good times.

Bike week was a great experience but it made us realize that our real passion is not amid the crowds but lies in riding those Florida skinny roads.

THE BUSINESS OF RIDING So now that I have retired from trucking we have even more time to follow our passion and have turned doing what we love into a business by creating this website.

And I did it for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.

Incidentally, I am not a techie or a geek and I’m not a professional writer. I am a retired trucker and avid motorcyclist.

How did I do it?

I accomplished everything you see on this site with the help of Solo Build It! SBI! Taught me step by step everything I needed to know to be able to choose a topic and how to turn it into a money-making website.

SBI! Helped us choose and acquire a domain name for our site and they take care of hosting it.

All of this for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.

If you have a hobby, a passion or experience in a particular field why not think about turning it into a home-based business with the help of SBI!

We earn passive income from advertising products and services for motorcyclists and travelers.

Now when I travel to Florida with my motorcycle it’s not a vacation, it’s a research trip for me to document new rides to add to the website and that makes the trip tax deductible.

And my wife comes along as the website photographer which allows us to split income for tax purposes.

It worked for a retired trucker. It can work for you.

Have a look.

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